Preamble: Easter Build-Up Blog – Meditations on John 11-20

Over the next week or so in the lead up to Easter, I shall be going through much of John 11-20 in preparation. I hope to share some helpful thoughts, reflections, and meditations on some of these passages. I am trying, as far as possible, to structure these reflections on Holy Week; although, by looking only at the Gospel of John – which has somewhat different emphases compared to the other three (synoptic) gospels – this is not exact.[1] Most significantly, the Gospel of John spends a disproportionate amount of time on the events of Maundy Thursday: the Last Supper and Jesus’ final moments together with the disciples, when he gives his Farewell Discourse that occupies all of chapters 14-17. I shall, therefore, be going straight to “Maundy Thursday” on Monday and selecting some highlights from these chapters in this build-up to Easter. Much of the rest, however, is reasonably synchronised: most importantly, Maundy Thursday will concern the arrest and trial; Good Friday the sentence and crucifixion; Easter Sunday the resurrection.

I look forward to this journey and welcome any thoughts, comments, feedback and, no doubt, corrections along the way!

[1] For one overview of how the gospel accounts square with our celebration of Easter today, see, for example:


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