Thanks for visiting my blog!

I’m Alex Muir and I consider myself most fulfilled when managing a healthy combination of: orarelaborarecurrere (praying/worshipping, working/studying, running). This blog is a devotional outlet which often brings together all three.

In terms of praying/worshipping, I am a Christian who remains enthusiastic about the Church. I come from a broadly Anglican evangelical-charismatic tradition, but I seek to understand people from diverse ecclesial and theological perspectives. I served as a ministry apprentice for two years at my home church, St Nic’s Newbury, which was a formative time. I currently worship and am involved at Ps & Gs in Edinburgh.

In terms of working/studying, I am currently doing a PhD in New Testament and Christian Origins at the University of Edinburgh in New College. My thesis is on the apostle Paul’s discourse of consolation (particularly in 1 Thessalonians, 2 Corinthians, and Philippians) through a comparison with the Roman Stoic Seneca the Younger’s writings on the subject, although I have an interest in most things to do with Biblical Studies and theology. I come at the discipline from a background in languages and classics. I also enjoy teaching and tutoring, and have done both in a variety of settings: I have been an English language assistant in France; taught Maths in an international school and done one-to-one Maths tutoring; and most recently, tutored on some undergraduate courses at New College.

I am also a keen distance runner and have done this for many years now. I have competed at most distances up to half-marathon. The mud of the cross-country is where I feel most at home though. I have represented Newbury AC, Oxford Uni, Berkshire, Edinburgh Uni, and Scottish Unis. I was particularly pleased to help the Edinburgh Uni team to 5th at BUCS and 2nd at the Scottish Nationals at the start of 2020. I also enjoy other sports (especially: football, darts, snooker) and have an eclectic taste in music.